The raspberry is a popular fruit with several varieties and uses in recipes around the world. 

A Varied Berry

Found in several different locations, the raspberry comes from the flowering plant species of the genus “Rubus” and is loosely related to the rose family. 

These perennial plants typically appear in thickets or bushes. 

Because of the variety of locations the raspberry can be found in, there are tons of different varieties of the fruit: 

  • The Asian raspberry
  • The Tasmanian alpine raspberry
  • The Whitebark raspberry
  • The blue raspberry
  • The black raspberry
  • The Australian native raspberry
  • The wine raspberry 
  • The American red raspberry 
  • The yellow Himalayan raspberry

A Winter Plant 

Raspberries are typically planted in the wintertime, where they stay dormant until the spring. Long cane production, which involves growing the canes of raspberry plants in northern climates, is typically required for proper raspberry production. 

This lasts for about a year before the plants are actually dug up and moved to warmer climates. Once this happens, they flower and begin to produce berries. 

These plants are great for their fruit production but are actually considered an invasive species in some instances. 

Additionally, raspberry plants can be hosts for certain kinds of fungi that can infect other plants, such as eggplants, peppers, flower bulbs, and tomatoes. 

A Sweet Berry

The fruit comes in several different colors and can be found in red, black, purple, or yellow varieties depending on the species. Once the color of the fruit is deep, that means it’s ripe and ready to go. The ripest fruits produce a sweet juice. 

Raspberries are commonly eaten fresh, but there are a variety of ways to enjoy this berry. They can be frozen, dried, or used in tons of different things from jams to various dishes. 

Raspberry Pie

In fact, one of the most popular dishes featuring raspberries is none other than raspberry pie. A classic both during the summer and holiday seasons, the raspberry pie can be enjoyed with ice cream or whipped cream. 

Looking to make your own raspberry pie? This recipe for the dish is a great place to start! 

The Raspberry In Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the raspberry has its own little legend. According to the myth, the berries were once white. When Ida, a nursemaid for Zeus, pricked herself on a thorn, it stained the raspberries red forever. 

A Bump In Global Demand 

Recently, you may have heard that demand for raspberries has been going up across the world. 

Warm weather has had an impact on several raspberry growing seasons throughout the world, and supply isn’t keeping up with needs for raspberries in multiple countries, including France and Italy. 

Herbal And Traditional Medicine

Another use for the raspberry actually comes from the leaves of its tree. These leaves are often used either fresh or dried in many herbal teas and have historically been used for home remedies in traditional medicine. 

Perfect Fresh Or Baked 

With a variety of culinary uses, raspberries make a great fruit to have on hand. Whether it be for snacking or baking, these sweet berries are certainly well-loved around the world.

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